Using Horoscopes in Everyday Life

Horoscopes have played a part in our lives for thousands of years. The whole subject of astrology is an issue that has been talked about and contested for many, many years. However, many ancient cultures used this system of interpreting the stars and planets since the beginning of recorded history and the science has become increasingly popular in recent decades.

The horoscope is determined by a person’s time and place of birth and is a representation of the placement of these cosmic elements in a chart known as a horoscope. Between the different cultures of Indian, Greek, Chinese, Western, etc, there are some significant differences in the way these charts are prepared.

Each horoscope is made up of what are known as “houses” and there are 12 of these which are pictorially represented in a circle. Astrologers use this pictorial representation to determine many aspects of an individual’s life including; prosperity, health, relationships, etc. in relationship to how the stars and planets are aligned at any given time.

In a world of great uncertainty, i.e. the one we live in today, more and more people are expressing an interest in horoscopes and their interpretations as a way of helping them to gain some clarity and insight into their lives. We are faced with so many decisions nowadays that it is sometimes difficult to know which way to turn and horoscopes are too many, like a friend with insight who can offer guidance based upon an interpretation of what the stars and planets are saying.

horoscopeThese horoscopes have been available in newspapers and magazines for a long, long time and are given great enjoyment to many of those readers. Even though these general horoscopes are written for a single star sign, the vast majority of people who read them will interpret them as being relevant to them as individuals. Of course, without the date of birth and the location of birth, and accurate interpretation for an individual is very limited and the horoscopes found in the popular press can only be seen as a rough guide.

For an accurate horoscope reading, the date and time of birth allows the astrologer to produce what is known as a “Natal Chart” which determines the exact alignment of an individual’s astrological condition at the time of birth. This is the chart will then be used for subsequent readings and interpretation as life unfolds the stars and planets move in accordance. With this in mind, it is therefore very important for anyone looking for precise individual predictions to first have their natal chart created by an experienced astrologer.

See this fascinating work on horoscopes – The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need
by Joanna Martine Woolfolk, published 2012, 504 pages

An interesting publication on horoscopes – How to Read a Horoscope: A Scientific Model of Predication Based on Benefic … P. V. R. Rayudu, published 1997, 442 pages

There has always been a great desire by people to have some insight into what their future holds. In an age where life is changing so rapidly and where our future feels very fragile, horoscopes offered to many, a way of being prepared for what lies round the corner. Sometimes, we just need to know, or to have some inkling of what may be happening in our lives so that we can better cope with the now. Although we know that the horoscope reading is not set in stone, we can at least feel that we are “more in control” and start to make plans and preparations for what we may feel is about to happen.

Whether you accept astrology and the horoscopes as an exact science or whether you have no time for them at all, the fact of the matter is that to some, they can be a great help. We all have a choice and we have free will and the responsibility to live a life in the way that we feel is appropriate and right stop for some, referring to a horoscope can be a great aid into managing the life that we have been presented with.