How To Get Better Car Insurance Quotations

For all car drivers, and that includes the vast majority of people in the Western world, renewing our car insurance is a standard annual procedure. With increased competition from many insurance companies trying desperately hard to get our business, most people are now trying to find the lowest quotation they can before renewing their policy. In order to get the best quotation for a car insurance policy that meets your particular needs, it is important to consider some simple, but essential factors and we will look at those now in more detail.

In addition to the information found below, there is also a wealth of information online which offers further guidance and consideration of factors to be considered when obtaining your new car insurance quotation. Here are a couple of publications that you may consider to be very useful;

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Below are Additional points that need to be considered when searching for car insurance quotations;

1. Make sure that you get a good range of quotations from a number of different companies so that you can make a true comparison between the different policies you are being offered. It is sometimes very tempting to accept the first offer you are given if it appears to be a good deal and to remove the need for further searching online. However, this is not necessarily the best way to do things because as soon as you have one quotation you are then in a stronger bargaining position to obtain an even better deal from another company.

2. Hopefully this goes without saying but it is essential that you are 100% honest with the information you provide to the insurance companies. In the event of a claim on your policy, either by yourself or by a third party, any discrepancy in the information you are given and the facts taken at the time of the incident will mean that your policy becomes void if you have not provided accurate and honest information when the policy was taken out. Remember, you are entering into a legal contract with the insurance company and you need to be honest on all accounts.

3. Before you make your final decision about which company to go with, it is important to conduct some research about the company you are considering. With so much business being performed online, anyone can set themselves up in business and it is vital that you know that you are dealing with an established and reputable company. Fortunately, this is very easy to do as the Internet provides a wealth of information from satisfied and dissatisfied customers alike and you will soon get a clear idea about the nature of the company you are considering doing business with.

headlamp-2940_6404. Another important feature that people often fall down upon is understanding exactly what you are being offered in terms of the level of cover for the insurance policy. Sometimes, companies will throw in hidden extras that you may not require for your individual needs. Such things as; breakdown cover, legal expenses, replacement car, etc. to name but a few. In many instances, these are valuable extras but it is up to you to decide if these are extras that you actually want to pay for at this stage. Another common issue of confusion is the level of excess on the policy, i.e. the amount of money that you have to spend from your own pocket before any money can be claimed from your policy. Excess covers do vary considerably and so it is important to ensure that you are getting quotations on a like-for-like basis.

5. Never be harassed into completing your policy signup until you are 100% happy with what you are being offered and that all your questions have been answered. Some companies offer incentives for you to sign up quickly so as to receive extra discounts on the premium. This can be a false economy if you have not thoroughly and adequately checked out the policy details.

6. If during the process of obtaining quotations you discover that they are all much higher than you anticipated, you may be faced with a situation of considering changing your car completely! You may discover that your particular model is considered to be a high risk vehicle or the engine capacity means that you are being penalised for driving a vehicle that is deemed to be a higher risk in the eyes of the insurance company. If you don’t need a car which is so big and powerful it may well be in your interest to consider changing your model so that you can make significant savings both on your insurance policy and in your ongoing driving costs.

7. Although the vast majority of quotations can be obtained online, sometimes it is very important that you feel that you can speak to an actual person. Fortunately, most of the larger companies who perform most of their business online will still offer a telephone number for you to contact them directly. This is very important as you need to know that you are able to get in touch with a human being in the event of help being required as and when you need it. Many of the companies offering much lower quotes often do not offer this service and it is something that needs to be considered in the event of a crisis.

8. Where possible, pay your insurance premium in one lump sum rather than paying on a monthly basis. By doing this, you can make significant savings on the annual premium price. Of course, this is not always possible for everyone but if it is it is a prudent measure that will save you money.

Below is a useful video containing additional point to consider;

These are just some of the ways that we can all save money by obtaining cheaper quotations for our car insurance. By just considering some of the above points, we can all make some significant savings to our annual motoring costs and that’s got to be a good thing!