Understanding and Dealing with Anxiety

Dealing with anxiety can be very challenging and unfortunately, more and more people appear to be experiencing a state of anxiety in their everyday lives. This anxiety can lead to full-blown panic attacks when a person is feeling totally out of control with the level of anxiety they are feeling. In addition to this, many people do not talk about the anxiety through fear of being judged in a negative way and so they keep to themselves, all bottled up!

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Being anxious is actually quite normal for a human being, the problems arise when the anxiety turns into excessive worry and deeper fear. We then become anxious about being anxious and so the whole conditioned spirals out of control. Being anxious is part of our “fight or flight” mechanism where, when faced with a challenging situation, the nervous system releases certain hormones to enable us to deal with a real or anticipated challenge to our safety. The problem in the modern world is that this response now gets triggered when there is no real danger and so the body has nothing to do with the physical changes that are happening within.

An excellent explanation about anxiety and how we are effected – Anxiety: The most important information you need to improve your health by Adams Media, published 2012, 168 pageanxietys

The increase stress that people are now living under can artificially create this trigger within which automatically puts people in a greater state of fear and anxiety. This may not be a conscious action, and more often than not much of the stress we experience is on a subconscious level. The subconscious mind is a very powerful mechanism that is active all the time and can manifest a state of dis-ease within an individual without them even being aware of it.

What is anxiety?What is anxiety?
In this video Dr David Purves explains why anxiety is a terrible force that destroys your happiness. It puts an edge of fear on every experience and it never seems to be satisfied.

When we don’t take adequate rest and nutrition and prevent the body from resetting itself, anxiety can easily manifest within and suddenly we start to feel and observe the physical sensations of dizziness, palpitations, excessive perspiration, etc that show themselves when we are becoming more anxious. If this is allowed to remain unchecked, a full panic attack can occur.

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As with anger, deep unresolved issues from earlier in life can also leave us more predisposed towards becoming more anxious later in life. Everyone is unique and everyone has their own underlying issues and symptoms. The more recent recognized condition of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) can also be a subsequent manifestation of long-term, previously unresolved issues within the nervous system.

All the problems of the modern world such as; work related issues, financial worries, the stress of life, all contribute towards creating imbalance and stress on the nervous system and this can be the catalyst for excessive anxiety occurring. This can also lead to depressive states of being and physiological disorders such as IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome).

Naturally, anyone suffering with such excessive symptoms should consult their medical practitioner for expert advice. In addition to this, there are many strategies that can be employed to help reduce and in some cases eliminate these unwanted experiences altogether.

An interesting video about how to calm and anxious mind;

Stress is undoubtedly the number-one catalysts for all states of excessive anxiety and fear, and stress management, in all its forms, offers many avenues that can be followed for individual looking for help.

If you are experiencing excessive anxiety, read some of the material referenced in this article and start to reconnect with a greater sense of peace and well-being in your life. Pain and suffering does not have to be the norm and there are always avenues of help available.