Simple House Selling Strategies

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In the 21st century, more people are moving home more frequently than ever before in our history. Gone are the days when families would stay in the same home for generations where local communities grew and evolved together. Homes were passed from generation to generation and there was an ongoing continuity. Nowadays, people and families move very frequently for a whole range of diverse reasons, sometimes financial considerations and sometimes social ones.

The fact is that selling a property can be considered an art in itself and it is vitally important to present your property in the most appealing light. This way, the property will sell much more quickly and the price that it can attract will be significantly higher.

First impressions are always very, very important and this is especially true for anyone viewing a new potential home. The property needs to appear to be well looked after, cared for and in excellent repair. The problem is that for many people, the visual aspect of their home is something that they have become so familiar with that they can’t see the defects. The marks, the scuffs, the little areas that needed tending to are just not seen and recognized by the brain. They tend to blend into the background and become the norm. For some of these defects, it can even just be an issue of laziness, that is, something you’ve been meaning to get round to fixing for a long time but never achieved it. Regardless of the cause, it is essential that your home is being presented at its most attractive as everything that is in and around your home will be seen in a completely new light by a prospective buyer.

real-estate-156502_640A good way of addressing the above concern is to have someone come and look at the property who has never seen it before and will view it with fresh eyes prior to it being put on the market. This way you can address all of the basic, fundamental issues that need to be addressed, and can be addressed very easily so as to make your property look at its best. Potential buyers come with great expectations, hoping to find their ideal property. Unfortunately, some very minor defects can completely destroy that image very quickly and put the potential buyer in a much less favorable mindset. This can be disastrous for the seller as it will leave them with less bargaining power when you come to negotiating the final price.

These concentrations of the visual aspects of the property apply not only to the inside of your home but also to the surrounding area. The first thing that a potential buyer will see will be the scene that they are presented with when sitting in their car having just pulled up outside your house. If your property is surrounded by clutter, waste, overgrown gardens, shabby paintwork, or any other unpleasant sight, they will enter into your property having already been influenced by that visual scene. All of these points can be addressed very, very easily and will have a huge impact on anyone coming to look at your property. Take the time to address these issues and to remove any possibility of you losing a sale on these minor points.

This book offers a wealth of information about what to consider when selling your house;

House Selling For Dummies
Eric Tyson, Ray Brown, published 2011, 384 pages

…and here is another one that will offer further insights into the whole process Which although has been around for a while, is still very relevant today;

Buying and Selling Your House
Adam Walker, published 2004, 324 pages

When selling your home it is also your legal responsibility to inform any potential buyers of any ongoing repairs that need to be completed. Sometimes these issues can’t be seen, like with damaged piping, leaking roofs, damaged services, etc but ‘out of sight’ is not ‘out of mind’ and if you do not come clean about these issues then they may well come back and bite you at a later date when it is discovered that you weren’t upfront about such defects.

When all of these points have been addressed it is then very important to find a selling agent that will work for you and in your best interests. A reputable and effective agent is worth their weight in gold if they know what they’re doing. They are the people who will draw potential buyers into your home, and in many cases they can perform the selling operation for you. They can describe and sell your property in the best light possible and so it is vital that they are efficient and effective and experienced. Ideally, they need to be local people who can relate not only to your home, but also to the surrounding area and advise and recommend the benefits of the area to potential buyers.

Read reviews and testimonials of past customers of the selling agents and speak to a few to get a feel of who they are and what they’re like before you employ the services. You need to be able to work with these people and for them to work with you and you will soon discover the right agent for you.

Below is a brief presentation covering some of the key points to consider when selling a home;

Best <strong>tips</strong> of <strong>selling</strong> a <strong>house</strong> fastBest tips of selling a house fast
Every single Realtor & Buyer that calls should be followed up with. Keeping sloppy records means potentially losing a sale or getting another listing. Be organized, diligent, kind, and smart at all times. Ask the person when they would like a follow up call. You might have to lower the listing price and this may be of interest to a Buyer who approached you 30 days before. Let them know. is this the price range you were looking for? (This is non-specific) If so, what are your conditions for purchase?

¬†One minor, but significant consideration is the aroma that visitors to your house experience when they first walk through the door. The old trick of roasting some coffee or the smell of freshly baked bread still works wonders and gives the impression of homeliness and comfort. What is most important is that you do not present potential buyers with an unpleasant smell, and this can include the smell of animals. If you have cats or dogs in your home is important that you do not allow that to become the dominant smell for new visitors as for some people it can be very offputting. Again, asking someone who’s never been in your home before to see what they smell is a good way of assessing the true aroma of your home. This is where you’re selling agent can help you.

Here is an excellent video about how to optimize your home for selling;

If you follow this very simple advice, you will be ensuring that your home will be as pleasant as possible to any potential buyer. Spend a little money and a little time on finishing jobs that need to be done to make your home as attractive as possible and this will reap many benefits when people come to your home with the intention of trying to see themselves living there. Often, the simple things can make all the difference and it could be the difference between you selling your home easily or struggling and having to reduce the price just to make a sale.