Emotional Freedom Technique and How It Can Help You

Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT for short, is a very simple, yet extremely powerful way of restoring energy flow within the body. As the name suggests, it is primarily focused on emotional energy which has become blocked or frustrated within the body, often for many years.

Many of the ongoing physical problems that many people experience often have an emotional element which helped to create the problem and has maintained its existence within an individual. With increased stress, these problems can develop into more deep-seated physical and psychological issues which can cause immense distress to anyone suffering with them.

EFT is an extremely effective way of rectifying that imbalance within an individual, removing the underlying emotional block and thus allowing the body and mind to heal and regain balance more effectively.

EFT involves; identifying key emotional drivers behind any existing problem and then tapping on acupuncture points on the body, which it is believed, by connecting to the nervous system, help us to release the emotional and psychological blockages that have been created. It is based on the theory that by tapping these points, this process releases the energy which has become blocked or interrupted.

This book offers an extensive insight into the whole practice of EFT – Adventures in EFT
Silvia Hartmann, published 2000, 201 pages and here is another in-depth manual from the same author – The Advanced Patterns of EFT Silvia Hartmann, published 2003, 309 pages

Here is a video by the creator of EFT explaining the process in more detail –

Introduction to EFT, Gary CraigIntroduction to EFT, Gary Craig
This is the original video created by Gary Craig to introduce EFT to those who visited his website. It is well worth the 7 minutes it takes to watch it.

Here is an interesting article from the Massachusetts Daily Collegium – You need to try EFT right now : The Massachusetts Daily …  http://dailycollegian.com. EFT did come with all those words like “self-love,” “inner peace,” “confidence” and “acceptance.” I was vaguely aware of how desperately I’ve needed all of that, but it seemed like it was too easy if EFT would bring me all of that …

The fact of the matter is, that no one is 100% sure how this works but that an increasingly grateful number of people are experiencing wonderful outcomes as a consequence of using the therapy.

One belief is that we hold emotional memories at a cellular level and that the process of EFT can access that cellular level and promote healing when the individual is reconnecting consciously with an emotional issue.

Many hypnotherapists now use EFT extensively in their work as a way of “softening up” the condition before applying other strategies. There are now an increasing number of EFT practitioners offering their services to people who have been unable to address their psychological/emotional issues through other means. EFT alone can achieve this rebalancing and in many cases, does not require ongoing treatments.

Here is a useful presentation showing the procedure for tapping –

Eliminate Stress with <strong>EFT</strong>Eliminate Stress with EFT
from herbheals, undefined ago in Health & Medicine
EFT reduces stress in just a couple of minutes. Give it a try. Kiss stress goodbye.

EFT is simple, painless and does not require anything from the recipient other than an open mind. An individual does not even have to believe in EFT for it to work! This science actually works on a physical level which then promotes healing at an emotional and psychological level and as with all healing, “the mind affects the body and the body affects the mind”.

It is not even necessary to consult an EFT practitioner in order to use the technique. Anyone can follow some of the guidelines referenced in this article and use it on themselves in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

This video, Rod practitioner of EFT, demonstrates the tapping procedure that anyone can do for themselves;

EFT is a wonderful tool, accessible to all and can provide hope and transformation for anyone who has become stuck or has not found a resolution to their issues.