Promo Codes – Discount Codes

Free promo codes, or discount codes, are another excellent way of saving money when purchasing goods online. Any purchase made online, be it a regular or one-off purchase, will often benefit from a free promo code that has been issued by the retailer or manufacturer. Simply entering this free promo code at checkout will usually result in a substantial saving in the final purchase bill.

A recent survey showed that the use of these free promo codes has risen by almost half in the last year. Below is a link to the full report below –

The number of people hunting free promo codes before making purchases online has grown by almost half over the past year.

Whenever there is a shipping cost involved in the purchase, additional shipping coupon codes are also often available which will result in a further discount to the buyer.

The introduction of free promo codes is primarily a result of the incredible increase in online purchasing. The vast majority of households in the Western world are now linked to the Internet and online shopping has become one of the primary sources of purchasing for many, many households. This has meant that many companies have had to rethink their marketing strategies and create whole departments focus on optimising the online shopping experience. free promo codes are one of the obvious measures that could be introduced to give incentives to both existing and potential customers.

As with printable coupons, many guides are now available online to help people in their search for relevant and active free promo codes. Here is an example just one of them –

Coupon Codes and Savings
by Kendra J. Newton

Free promo codes have become so popular, that they are even promoted on local radio stations – Coupon codes for April deals KMBC Kansas City, on Tue, 14 Apr 2015. This just goes to show how much they have become an intrinsic part of our society will stop

These promPromo Codeso codes come in various forms. Some will offer a percentage discount on the final bill while others will give a fixed monetary value discount. Many of the free promo codes will have a time factor element to them meaning that they have to be used within a certain time period. This enables the seller to focus on precise marketing objectives and to shift the stock that they need to shift in any set time period.

One great advantage of free promo codes over printable coupons is the very fact that they do not have to be printed out. They are only used for online transactions and are simply a sequence of numbers and letters which have to be entered into a ‘coupon code’ box at the final checkout stage. Because of this, there are no coupons to collect (or lose!) and it only takes a few extra seconds to make, in some cases, a significant saving.

These free promo codes can be found both from specialist sites and directly from manufacturers. Those sites that specialize in printable coupons will often also have a massive range of free promo codes available as well.

Some of the main sites to consider when looking for coupon codes are and but other significant ones include; and

Always remember that whenever you are ready to place your order online, first do some brief investigation to find the relevant discount free promo codes available to you. In many cases, you will be pleasantly surprised at the amount of savings you can make when you use these codes and you will discover how quickly those savings can mount up when you are using these free promo codes for the majority of your online shopping.