Controlling Anger in a Stressful World

So many more people nowadays are experiencing extreme stress like never before and for some people this can manifest itself as uncontrollable anger. People are being pushed to the limits and the frustrated energy that is created as a result of this often appears as anger or rage. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

For many people, the rage and anger that they express is more often than not a reflection of some other in a problem and it is these problems that need to be addressed in order to prevent the anger and rage from appearing.

A difficult start in childhood has been proved to be the root cause of many problems that manifest themselves later on in people’s lives. Unresolved issues that have festered and remain untreated for years and years can create a huge imbalance or “dis-ease” within an individual. This can create a very potent and powerful force that is bursting to come out and will often come out in the form of physical or verbal abuse.

The world in which we now live has become so much more stressful to so many more people that the consequences of this are many-fold. Stress can cause so many imbalances within individual and people can carry on for years without realizing that they are under stress or what the stress is doing to them. Sometimes it takes a crisis for an individual to realize how much stress they have been under for a long time. Naturally, it is much better to seek help for a condition before help has to be forced upon us.

emoticons-154050_640Stress and anger can be made much worse by the abuse on the physical body through substance or alcohol use. Even a poor or inadequate diet can contribute to the problem by creating imbalances within the being. Many fast foods now contain all sorts of chemicals which contribute to physical and therefore emotional and psychological imbalances. We must always remember that the mind affects the body and the body affects the mind and that we are holistic beings and function on many levels.

It’s also important to remember  that it is not just adults that are experiencing this problem  but children and teens as well. Here is an excellent guide relating to this subject for young people – Anger Management Workbook for Kids and Teens by Anita Bohensky, PhD, published 2001, 96 pages

For most people who experience anger problems, the first step is an acceptance and acknowledgement that they have a problem. Only then can an accurate assessment be made of the situation to find the most suitable an appropriate measures to address the situation. Once this is done, the most appropriate therapy can be sought and help move the person back to a state of ease and well-being.

See this guide on anger management – Anger Management For Dummies by W. Doyle Gentry, published 2011, 388 pages

Sometimes anger management therapy is the most appropriate route where the therapist can clearly defined what’s going on within that individual, formulate a strategy to address the issue and help and support the person looking for a resolution.

Sometimes the anger can be a result of deep psychological problems that need psychiatric or psychological counseling to help bring about a healing. Naturally, experienced help is required in such circumstances but there is always hope and always something that can be done to help person in this situation.

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If you or a loved one is experiencing anger problems, then use some of the self-help techniques listed above or consult your local health specialist for further advice.